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Asana > een voorbeeld van een nieuwe generatie software

bekijk ook de demo ; http://www.techcrunch.tv/watch?id=owMDAxMjo99P8utZ8GH4DvEVBZc8XyoZ#ooid=owMDAxMjo99P8utZ8GH4DvEVBZc8XyoZ

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Finally: Facebook Co-Founder Opens the Curtain on Two-Year Old Asana

But here’s the thing: Asana deserves it. As it turns out neither of the suppositions for Moskovitz’s decision to leave were right. Moskovitz and Rosenstein just had a really big idea: To fix how people collaborate on projects and work in teams. Something that has so far been unfixable despite billions spent on developing an implementing collaboration and communication software. Something that may be so rooted in the idiosyncrasies of human behavior that it may not be fixable.

But Asana’s opening salvo is pretty impressive. There’s a full demo of the software in the video below, from Asana’s recent friends-and-family open house, so I won’t belabor the features here. (Screen shot is below.) Hear the pitch from the founders yourself. The company is still in private-beta, and it has a 1,200-company waiting list to get an invite. It’ll be opening up more over the course of this year. Asana has raised just over $10 million from several angels, Benchmark Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

And like Facebook’s early obsession with being a “utility,” Asana wants people to live in this app throughout their work day. Like Facebook did away with the clutter and needless page view clicks of the MySpace world, so too is Asana obsessed with speed. They know that if the software is the least bit cumbersome to use, employees won’t use it. Like Facebook, Asana sees its eventual customer base as, well, everyone. They hope people won’t just use Asana for work, but for things like wedding planning. The two wanted to build this product because managing teams at Facebook was such a chore. In a sense, Moskovitz says he’s still working for Facebook, because he’s still trying to solve the problem he was trying to solve there. It just so happens, he’s also trying to solve that problem for every company in the world.

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techcrunch discusses some facebook alternatives and their struggle to take off
bruce wayne shared a powerfull insight about what would be possible if we combined our (financial) power

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I think that we are all missing the bigger the point….Facebook’s valuation is based on the content/data that members have added to the service….and this means that the members have added monetary value to Facebook and received no monetary value n return….Im willing to bet that if each of the 500 million members of Facebook invested 1 dollar to build a decentralized social network that it would be built and that it would be better than the current content trap that is Facebook…

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